National University of Singapore

When I was working as a lecturer at the National University of Singapore (NUS), I was a co-founder and lead facilitator for the NUS Mindfulness Interest Group – a group of faculty and students interested in research, education and the practice of mindfulness.
Since 2014, I have facilitated weekly mindfulness practice sessions for NUS
faculty and their spouses. I have also helped co-organise four mindfulness flash
mobs for the NUS Community at the University Town. 

I have also initiated and facilitated a bi-weekly mindfulness for kids programme
at NUS Kent Vale Community. From the first session of 10 children (aged 2 to
11) and parents, the most recent mindfulness for kids session attracted over 30
children and parents.

In addition, I was also a faculty advisor and mentor for the NUS University Scholars Programme students in a student-initiated international
programme namely Buddhism in Asia. As part of this programme, I conducted a
three-month mindfulness course for the  students. 
With the success of the three-month mindfulness course for Buddhism in Asia in 2014, I encouraged the USP students to set up a Mindfulness Interest Group to
help them continue their mindfulness practice and share the practice with their
peers. Since 2015, a growing number of USP students have benefited from
weekly mindfulness sessions at Cinnamon College that include mindfulness
practices such as mindful eating, mindful sitting, mindful walking, and mindful

In the year 2019, I was a guest lecturer at the College of Alice and Peter Tan, NUS on mindfulness, how it relates to happiness and well-being and the practice of mindfulness in daily life.
Recently, I have also been teaching a mindfulness course to faculty, staff and graduate students of Geography Department, National University of Singapore namely “Introduction to Mindfulness – Calm in the storm” to help them navigate the COVID-19 crisis.

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