Testimonial from Yale-NUS Students

“The 5-step process of validating my emotions & writing is therapeutic for me. To recognize my emotions, accept that they are natural, embrace the intensity of it all, understand why I feel this way and then letting it go. This has helped me incredibly through this challenging semester – dealing with a chronic illness, relationship issues as well as losing someone dear and inspirational to cancer as well as being there to support my friend emotionally. Throughout these challenges I reminded myself that success is defined by the smallest things and to return to self-care to ground myself amidst the whirlwind of a mess that was happening around me. I learnt the importance of patience and resilience.

“ Thank you for creating this incredible space for us all – you have brought a breath of fresh air into the Yale – NUS Community.”

“Thank you for watching me grow throughout these three semesters, Le. I think I have found a lot more peace for myself since coming here.”

“Thank you for such a wonderful course. I always felt so rested and re-centred after every session. Every YNC student should do this.”

“Thank you so much for facilitating this course and creating an open, safe space for all of us.”

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