Testimonials from participants in A Contemplative Education course

“I think the one critical thing that I am embarrassed to say that I hadn’t thought of in 20+ years of teaching is the consideration of how the students enter the classroom. Yes, they are overworked, underslept and distracted by the kind of things that young adults are distracted by, so to be aware of that and then take opportunities to create space for them to clear that stuff out of their minds and be present with the material we’re to engage with is just good teaching.”

“Much of teaching pedagogy is focused on tools, techniques, less on teachers and their ways of being in the classroom. The mindfulness course helped me to be more aware of myself as a teacher and a facilitator in the classroom. “

“ The course led to an increase in empathy towards myself and towards the students. “

“I learnt some breathing and walking practices to retain calm and reduce stress.”

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