Seeds of Love

I co-founded the Seeds of Love project with the intention to plant seeds of mindfulness, happiness and wellbeing in the ecosystem of education in Vietnam. In April 2020, when anxiety and fear were on the rise in Vietnam because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we launched our first mindfulness workshop online with the theme “Calm in the storms”. After 7 months, we have organized 7 webinars, 15 online workshops, and 1 Mindfulness course. Our Fanpage Seeds of Love – Hạt giống yêu thương  has 2,426 followers and over 50,000 people reached. 

Our monthly webinars have attracted the participation of experts in the field of education, mental health and business leadership. We have covered the following topics:
🌱 Mindfulness and Education during the time of COVID-19

🌱 Mindfulness in Education – where to start?

🌱 Mindfulness in Education – methods and approaches
🌱 Mindfulness and Mental Health during COVID-19 and beyond

🌱 Happy Schools: A Path or Just a Trend?
🌱 Compassionate leadership in business: The way out is in
🌱 Mindful self-compassion for women

I am grateful to the support of many experts in the field of mindfulness education, mental health, business leadership who have shared their experiences practicing mindfulness in daily life as well as in their field of work. I hope to continue planting seeds of mindfulness, love and understanding for the wellbeing of people in Vietnam and beyond through this meaningful Seeds of Love Project. 

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