Daily Mindfulness activities: Self-Care, Care for Others and Care for Mother Earth

Mindfulness is integrated into daily activities in all the Happiness-Based Education Schools that I co-founded in Central Vietnam. In this video, you will see some mindfulness activities for children at one of our preschools. Children from two years old to six years old have been guided by their teachers to participate in various activities throughout the day to help them cultivate the habit of happiness such as mindful breathing, mindful walking, mindful movements, mindfulness of sounds, mindfulness in nature, mindful eating, etc.

We have also offered Mindful parenting workshops to engage parents in co-creating a mindful living environment for the children to thrive. It takes indeed “a village to raise a child” like the African proverb. To make mindfulness a way of life in our school community, we need to make it really intentional to create an environment where our children can strengthen three circles of care on a daily basis: Self-Care, Care for Others and Care for Mother Earth. 

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