Three years ago I co-founded Lotus Preschool in Cam Xuyen – the second member of our Happiness-Based Education Schools. Cam Xuyen is a small and poor town in Central Vietnam where most people are farmers. When we first opened our Lotus Preschool in April 2018, nobody had ever heard about mindfulness or happy schools. On our first school opening day, we had around 80 children from 18 months to 5 years old.

Since then, we have grown bigger and stronger, and have become THE HAPPY SCHOOL of the town. With over 300 children and 30 teachers & staff practicing happiness in our school everyday, we have welcomed hundreds of teachers and school administrators from other districts to come experience and learn how to build a happy school.

Our journey to happy school starts with a simple message “Every day at school is a happy day.” Happiness is a habit, and a skill to be practiced every moment at our school by teachers, staff and children alike, whether in sitting, standing, walking, playing, eating, or resting.

We sow seeds of joy and happiness every moment at our school to take care of three concentric Circles of Care: Self-care, Care for Others, and Care for Mother Earth.


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