Mindful Clock – Ambassador of our Happy Schools

Mindful Clock - one of the most beloved friends in all our Happiness-Based Education schools. Today we had almost 200 five-year-old children and teachers from a public preschool in a nearby district visiting our Hoa Sen Primary School. The guests were guided by one of our Primary School students on how to stop to listen … Continue reading Mindful Clock – Ambassador of our Happy Schools

Happiness-Based Education Training

Since I co-founded Happiness-Based Education Schools in 2017, I have trained hundreds of teachers & staff, and thousands of students in mindfulness, happiness and wellbeing. Currently with 03 schools in operation, we have integrated mindfulness and happiness into all school activities to take care of the wellbeing of our teachers, students, staff and everyone else in … Continue reading Happiness-Based Education Training

Mindfulness as a whole-school approach to cultivate happiness and wellbeing

It's been four years since I embarked on this journey of building happy schools in Central Vietnam. We first started by training the teachers and staff in mindfulness and social emotional learning. It is always important to start with the teachers, as the presence of the teachers in the classroom is the most important unwritten … Continue reading Mindfulness as a whole-school approach to cultivate happiness and wellbeing

Cultivating mindfulness for college students

I have really enjoyed my journey of planting seeds of mindfulness, happiness and well-being among Yale-NUS College students since 2017. I have designed and conducted many different courses for the students such as Introduction to Mindfulness, A Mindful Journey to Happiness, Mindfulness and Compassion during COVID-19, Basic Mindfulness Practices for Self-care, Psychology of Mindfulness, Enhanced … Continue reading Cultivating mindfulness for college students