Three years ago I co-founded Lotus Preschool in Cam Xuyen - the second member of our Happiness-Based Education Schools. Cam Xuyen is a small and poor town in Central Vietnam where most people are farmers. When we first opened our Lotus Preschool in April 2018, nobody had ever heard about mindfulness or happy schools. On … Continue reading PLANTING SEEDS of HAPPINESS in a PRESCHOOL

Happiness-Based Education in Vietnam

In 2017, after 12 years working in higher education, I have decided to embark on a new journey: planting seeds of mindfulness in preschool education. I believe that it's important to plant seeds of mindfulness at a younger age, as children have open mind and less resistance to learning something new. Together with my family and … Continue reading Happiness-Based Education in Vietnam

National University of Singapore

When I was working as a lecturer at the National University of Singapore (NUS), I was a co-founder and lead facilitator for the NUS Mindfulness Interest Group – a group of faculty and students interested in research, education and the practice of mindfulness.Since 2014, I have facilitated weekly mindfulness practice sessions for NUSfaculty and their … Continue reading National University of Singapore

Mindfulness for Yale – NUS College, Singapore

With my role as a Mindfulness Trainer and Consultant for the Yale- NUS College, I have taught courses and workshops on the Psychology of Mindfulness, Introduction to Mindfulness, A Mindful Journey to Happiness, Contemplative Education series, Mindfulness for Research and Reflections, Face COVID -19 with Mindfulness & Compassion, for students, faculty and staff of the … Continue reading Mindfulness for Yale – NUS College, Singapore