Mindfulness in Education

Although it is still an emerging field, mindfulness in education has received a great deal of interest among educators, school administrators, researchers, students and also parents. Schools in many parts of the world, from America to Europe, to Asia, have embraced mindfulness as a powerful tool to address many educational challenges of our time such as attention deficit, anxiety, stress and burnout. 

Mindfulness, if integrated as a whole-school approach, has been found helpful to cultivate positive wellbeing and caring school community for teachers and students to thrive. 
There is growing research evidence that shows the effectiveness of mindfulness in the following areas:

πŸ€ improve attention and focus

πŸ€develop inner resilience

πŸ€foster empathy and compassion

πŸ€reduce stress and anxiety

πŸ€enhance cognitive skills

πŸ€develop positive social behaviour

Although research on mindfulness in education is only in its beginning stages, there is an increasing number of studies that shows its positive impact on both teachers, students, and the school culture as a whole. If you are interested, please read the following pages for more information on this topic:

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